Express Entry is system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which manages and processes applications received through Canada’s federal economic immigration programs. Applications are received from eligible candidates who have been invited to apply to immigrate to Canada based on their human capital factors, skills, experience, and other factors.

The Application will be assessed based on the following 6 selection criteria:

1. Education
2. Proficiency in English and French
3. Work experience
4. Age
5. Arrange employment
6. Adaptability


Quebec Investor Program

How do you qualify?

  1. Have legally obtained a net worth of CDN$ 2,000,000. Net worth can include the applicant’s
    spouse’s assets as well as inherited or gifted assets.
  2. You must have qualified managerial experience of at least 2 years during the past 5 years; and,
  3. You must agree to invest CDN$ 1,200,000 in a 5 year, zero-interest government-guaranteed note.
  4. Investment can be as little as CDN$ 340,000

For more information, please go to the Quebec Investor Program page.

Key advantages of the program:

1. You will not be obliged to engage in any type of business/employment activity.
2. You can pursue whatever business opportunities in Quebec, Canada you wish to go into.
3. The CDN$ 1,200,000 investment will be guaranteed by the Quebec Government.
4. Language proficiency is not essential.
5. No age restriction.
6. No condition(s) attached to your visa.



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